ProChurch Web is now

Spirelight Web.

This is not a forced upgrade! You're free to stick with what you have - but here's what's going on:

Let's talk about your church website...

Jeremy Goldsborough is no stranger to ProChurch Web, but now it's personal. As the new owner of ProChurch Web (now Spirelight Web), Jeremy brings a wealth of church website knowledge and a passion for customer service that is assuring and refreshing.

We're under new (ish) ownership.

Jeremy & Stephanie

Owners, Spirelight Web

We've got brand new website tools for you.

With the arrival of Spirelight Web, we're thrilled to announce the availability of some great new church website features:

A new modular Content Management System

Responsive (mobile friendly) base code

Built-in site security with SSL

Brand new website templates

Online giving integration

Automatic website backups

Call to action focus for new visitors

Site versioning with an 'undo' button

The internet has changed, but in many ways ProChurch Web has not.

That ends today.

Spirelight Web provides a completely new Content Management System (CMS) for handling the weekly maintenance of your church website. It's fast, mobile optimized, and ready to work for you.

Spirelight Web has a collection of brand new templates designed specifically for small churches. Take a look at them here:

New Templates

We're so thankful for the opportunity to provide your website services to over the past years. You're the reason we have a business today. Current ProChurch Web members are extended a 20% discount ($100 off) on a full website upgrade, including a new template, transfer of all pages and content, and domain name configuration.

Ready to upgrade to Spirelight Web?

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This is not a forced upgrade. We think you'll love the new stuff, but if not, you're more than welcome to stick with what you've got!

Let's answer some questions.

Q: How do these changes affect my current ProChurch website?

Your website will not change automatically. It will stay the way it is unless you decide to purchase an upgrade to Spirelight. No surprises!

Q: Can I keep my current website and features?

Yes, you can. We think you'll love the new stuff, but if not, you're welcome to stick with what you've got,

Q: Why isn't the upgrade to Spirelight free?

The Spirelight platform is a completely different platform than the old ProChurch Web platform. Consequently, every piece of content must be manually built out onto a new template by the Spirelight team. We're happy to do it, but the work hours involved have to be compensated.

Q: Will my monthly cost go up if I upgrade to Spirelight?

No, it won't. You will be grandfathered in at your current rate if it is less than $39/ mo. In some cases, if you are paying for extra storage on the ProChurch Web platform and your monthly cost is greater than $39, we may be able to reduce that cost for you.

Q: How will this affect my Church Hero or legacy ProChurch membership?

The Spirelight Web change won't affect your ChurchHero or legacy ProChurch membership. You'll still have access to all of that through ProChurch. The only difference you may experience is the billing for your website will come from "Spirelight" rather than "ProChurch."

Have a different question?

Visit us at for more information.

We're here for you. Please click here to schedule a phone call or leave us a message! Thanks for the opportunity to serve you.

Q: What happened to Daniel Irmler?

Daniel is doing fantastic. Nothing happened to him :) Dan is continuing to serve churches through the ProChurch print department and ChurchHero services. The web department just wasn’t getting adequate attention, and it felt like a good time to make the switch and free up his focus.